Thursday, August 10, 2017

Lampooning the RB interns

There's this big company RB - they make Durex, Dettol, Strepsils, Veet and lot more. Every year, like the TV series SUITS, they take in interns from the top MBA colleges. 
They usually make social media creatives introducing them to the world. 

This year they wanted to do something different to announce the interns to the world - Cartoons.

I suggested three different approaches
1. a simple cartoon version of them
2. we could render them in the style of simpsons or
3. radically different: The interns share this trivia about themselves and we use it to make funny illustrations.

They went for the third

Me, and two interns of my own - Ankit Mundu Kapoor and Harish Passionate Iyer - worked on these and wrapped them in three days. Intern drawing intern. INTERNCEPTION.

Some rough sketches.

And then we would send them idea dumps. they chose, suggest changes and after doing all of that, the agency designers improved upon our illustrations by matching colors and composing text better.

And my favourite. This was Harish's idea. Hahaha came out epic. 


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