Monday, December 19, 2016

The Reverse comic - MSF Doc n Donor

I have already professed my love for MSF in this earlier post.

This is what I had made for them the last time

After working with them on the first campaign, there were plans to tell a bigger story, and they decided to make 'THE REVERSE COMIC' a concept I had pitched them long back. 

What's a reverse comic? basically the story begins from both the ends and meets in the middle. We decided to tell the story of the doctor from one end and the story of the donor from the other.

I started working on a script and made some rough sketches.

I based the character of the donor on my friend Anas. He is a dhokebaaz.

This is what the stories of the Doctor and the Donor started to look like...

I wanted to make lot of middle class references, use desi lingo - so that the comic connects with local audiences. I didn't want to be gora appeasing, just because my client was an international NGO. 

Other than some panels, we kept most of the panels text free, so that we connect with most of the audiences - irrespective of the borders. 

The coloring and inking of this comic is unusual - rather than inking the comic digitally, I used a tracing paper and regular sketch pen. If I had colored it - the next step would've been scanning the artwork and making the lines absolutely black. 

But, luckily I took Mitali Panganti's help in coloring and she did something very unusual - she kept the inks as it is, with those tones of greys etc and just colored it. Which made this unusual comic book. This is how it looked

It took some to and fro between MSF and me, till we settled on the final comic. Eventually it came out at Delhi comic con. Full santushti.

If you want to know more about MSF, click here
MSF will share the comic online soon. Till then, :-< please wait.

Brunch - Modern Love (August 2015)

I got to do another cover. and this time I wanted to do a really good job. Given that the last assignment I did for them was a real mess - I got late, it didn't come out well and then I made last changes in the train. I wasn't happy with that.

So this time I dug in my feet deep and worked hard. We were working on the theme of 'MODERN LOVE'.

I wanted to keep a couple at the center, busy with their phones and then show more characters in the background.

We decided to push the characters back in so there is also some space for the stories in the background.

Now it started to look like something. But this couple looked slightly older, to make them younger, we gave the boy a haircut and changed the girl's lowers.

Then added colors

All we needed to decide now was the colors - poora yellow ya yellow and red?

Done! and this is how it looked in print

Yup, colors get a bit subtle in print.