Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Salman's sports biography

This June Salman Khan was announced Indian team's Olympic ambassador. Obviously, it was the "trending topic of the week", maybe two weeks.

Trending topic is the monstrosity that catches the imagination of the public at large and makes comedians, writers, comedians, news channels, content websites, websites of all kind write about it and feign genuine interest in the subject in an attempt to get what you get 'eyeballs'

Cartoonists are no exception.

Newslaundry and Scoopwhoop wanted to do an album recounting Salman's achievements in sports. I had done something similar for Newslaundry - An illustrated biography of Rahul Gandhi - I think it was 5 pages long. Because he hasn't done anything. I wrote and drew it, Rajkanwal Suri had colored it.

Only thing was it had to be complete by August 5, 2016 the day of Rio's inaugaration.

So me and Suri had to get to work. This time I went all Animation studio on the project's ass and did some character sketches (2) of Salman. I wanted to that change from human salman to steroid junky salman.

This time I tried this different technique where I composed the comic in PPT, with roughs, in this case extremely bad roughs and Text. This helped me compose the comic separately while edits were made on this PPT - became an anchor point for changes.

Eventually I finished the drawings and shared them with Rajkanwal Suri

Who then did his his magic on the artwork

The ending was based on this meme on Amit Shah and we added two more pages commenting on the sports ministry and athletes. We finished it on time and it came out on time.