Wednesday, August 17, 2016

2 years a corporate slave

Yesterday was my first-day making comics again, full time.

Two years ago I got tired and took a break. I am not really a designer, so I decided to find something on the other end of my skillset - coming up with ideas and telling stories.
With Gaurav Ratra's help and Narendra Nag's bravery I got work at MSLGROUP, largely known for its PR wing, but also has a Digital advertising wing called Socialhive (all of it part of the blue whale of communications called Publicis Groupe')

Some months ago, I got tired again, so decided to leave MSLGROUP for full-time cartooning.

I worked for two years as the Manager(Planning). I don't know what it means. What I did was come up with ideas and help people. 

Below are some notes to self about corporates and digital advertising (in case I forget later)

1. There are two kinds of digital advertising, One is the (lets make a hashtag of everything) kind and the other is (research and data based to tell a holistic story) kind. I liked the second kind.
2. Never work on assumptions about people. Our experiences engrave our assumptions. Use data to draw a picture. Then think.
3. Not all corporates are assholes. 
4. Most advertising pros are not makers of things (except PPTs)

In this time I started my webcomic, got married, published my second book, conducted an exam, moved into my own house,  and got three seizures (story for another day)

What now? A new Bakarmax every week and an artist's co-op.
And refer me to your friends please? I'm best in the business.

I found a big chunk of friends and traveled here and there.
Here's an album that recaps the two-year story (apologies if I missed you)


Laughing Jawan said...

Jag soona soona lage...

Rael Frost said...

Now who do i discuss II girls and a cup with? :(

Priyang Davey said...

Very interesting! I am already half way there. Now just need a seizures and somehow force myself to move out of advertising and back into scribbling on the back pages of books. But this time, they'll unfortunately be text books and I'll shitting in a B-school!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What is digital advertising? Please guide me, sir. I want to do social hive. How did you do it?

Sachin Karle said...

All the very best Sumit. Do what you love. Love what you do. You're the bestest. :)

Sachin Karle said...

All the very best Sumit. Do what you love. Love what you do. You're the bestest. :)

Unknown said...

Sumit! I wish you great luck! :D You shall kick butts.
And sorry for those trips visualisations without seizure alert.
Won't happen again.

We should catch up again, sometime.

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