Wednesday, August 17, 2016

2 years a corporate slave

(TO READ COMIC: right click, click open image in new tab and zoom in)

Yesterday was my first-day making comics again, full time.

Two years ago I got tired and took a break. I am not really a designer, so I decided to find something on the other end of my skillset - coming up with ideas and telling stories.
With Gaurav Ratra's help and Narendra Nag's bravery I got work at MSLGROUP, largely known for its PR wing, but also has a Digital advertising wing called Socialhive (all of it part of the blue whale of communications called Publicis Groupe')

Some months ago, I got tired again, so decided to leave MSLGROUP for full-time cartooning.

I worked for two years as the Manager(Planning). I don't know what it means. What I did was come up with ideas and help people. 

Below are some notes to self about corporates and digital advertising (in case I forget later)

1. There are two kinds of digital advertising, One is the (lets make a hashtag of everything) kind and the other is (research and data based to tell a holistic story) kind. I liked the second kind.
2. Never work on assumptions about people. Our experiences engrave our assumptions. Use data to draw a picture. Then think.
3. Not all corporates are assholes. 
4. Most advertising pros are not makers of things (except PPTs)

In this time I started my webcomic, got married, published my second book, conducted an exam, moved into my own house,  and got three seizures (story for another day)

What now? A new Bakarmax every week and an artist's co-op.
And refer me to your friends please? I'm best in the business.

I found a big chunk of friends and traveled here and there.
Here's an album that recaps the two-year story (apologies if I missed you)


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