Sunday, April 03, 2016

The Great Indian Obsession - The untold story of India's engineers

Ask anyone about their experiences during 11th and 12th standard and all you will hear is either story of horrors or silence. And still this continues - 2 years of pure torture of children.

I am someone who went through the 2 year torture like many of you, and then a further 4 year long torture called engineering (the education, not the life)

Education system is pet peeve and earlier I had done a comic for The Guardian on this, and another opportunity came when Adhitya Iyer called.

He said he was looking for a cartoonist to make illustrations or comics to go with each chapter of his book - his was the highest funded book on Kickstarter and was about this unusual fascination with engineering.

I happily said yes.

Trailer of the book.

Illustrations I did for every chapter

The full color poster for the book

And then after payment and completion of work Adhitya vanished for some months, to return back with not just the book but the top reward for me : a ghanti with my name "guda" hua, the poster, a hardcover, a paperback, a sweatshirt and this sweet letter.

This is what the final cutie looks like.

Order here:

Remember, if you ever need to piss on the education system, I am your man person. uhm.