Friday, July 11, 2014

Making stickers for Line app

So some of us artists from the Delhi Comics Kala Samagam group (DICKS for short) took this stall in Comic Con in collaboration with Sharad Sharma sir from Grassroot Comics (World Comics India).

I was selling my posters there, and I was trying to woo customers by saying random things like "free posters for anyone wearing red" - or the kind of random things street hawkers say or the uncle MCs at local residential society functions.

So I called on to this one muscled sardarji "Free posters for any sikh who looks like he could beat me up!" This man came up to the stall to claim his free poster and told us that he was from Line Corp and was looking for cartoonists to design new India themed strickers for them.

I had heard about it, because the gawd-rockstar-artist-emratus-bhagwanji Vaibhav Kumaresh had designed some stickers for them. He shared his visiting card with all of us. I wrote to him as soon as I was home.

They offered money which was quite good, Contract came from Korea within the week and was sent back signed almost immidiately. Then came the realisation - banau kya? Anything I would draw would look a third class photocopy of Vaibhav Bhagwan Kumaresh's work.

So I started off with a small survey among friends to figure out what would appeal to them, and then from that survey and Line Corp's inputs I figured out my basic set of emotions and characters.

and then the characters -

and then I drew all the stickers in a notepad to keep in the mind of the size factor -

And then some rounds of two and fro, cleaning and inking and coloring...

And this is how the final Sticker pack looks: 

Its called Gup Shup

Funniest part of this whole assignment was -