Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Chinchin - Chacha and Tintin mashup

A long time I had this idea - to add Chacha Chaudhary in all Tintin covers. So I made some roughs

Obviously my skills were not that great back then, So I sat on this and never completed it. Until one day when someone met me after reading my political comics on

This guy mentioned going through my blog and said that he liked this idea, and would love to have a print of the finished piece for his office. Then  I said chalo, complete karte hain.

In the next two weeks I finished them, but with an interesting twist - rather than just placing Chacha plainly in the posters I adapted the comics to an Indian context - thinking of new storylines. Most of these use real instances, stories and events. If you can't tell at the first look, search and you will find more.

The art of Tintin is heavily detailed and adapting these taught me one or two about how to use black objects and shine.


You can buy these prints here