Friday, January 17, 2014

Ardh Vyask Sabu

Ardh Vyask Sabu.
*baaliyan: earrings
*funsi: pimple

Kya karega ardh vyask sabu? kya ardh vyask raka apne notes share karega? kya sabu PTU ka form bharega? dekhiye agli kadi mein

*technically right word for teenager is "kishor" but ardh vyask sounds more fun.

Got around to doing it while scanning a chacha chaudhary comic for a project.
Was trying to use the 4 color printing style, and Pran's drawing style. 

For more on 4 color comics visit -

P.S - I once called Cartoonist Pran trying to convince him, that he should write his autobiography, as a comic. To which he said he started work on some years ago but then stopped because he thought his life won't be that interesting a read. I still asked him if he would want to re start. he asked me if I have anything else to ask.

I still hope he draws his autobiography. If he doesn't I will. His story (pak refugee cartoonist) makes him the Milkha Singh of comics. Draw Pran Draw!


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