Sunday, November 24, 2013

Making the Brunch cover - November 2013

The issue was on apps and the Brunch team already had an idea - more or less making a visual  image of a city with apps as a part of life - My first intention was that whatever we do, the illustrations inside need to be an extension of the illustrations on the cover - and they agreed!

First i made a composition rough - I knew I'd add a couple at the top and make rest of the city part of the app-world. and I wanted to give a break in the middle ground to give more depth.

 in parallel I was working on the illustrations inside - it started with roughs on post - it notes -
Then more detailed roughs -

and then the final illustrations - 

and I had to make a cartoon of myself - we decided we'll make fun of the fact that I own a nokia and don't use any apps - appless banda. So this is what came out of that - 

And the final cover - 

And the most wonderful thing is - that they published it in the website - in a way that it came out like it was thought out- every bit in the cover relating to the app catagories inside shows up together - 


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