Friday, October 18, 2013

Sab Kuch Bita Hai

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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Friday, October 11, 2013

The Contract Killer : For Cartoonists and Illustrators

From a long time I had been planning to draft a contract for one off comissions - work which is not monthly and is paid for in a lump sum.

I had thought about writing one myself, consulted a lawyer, but nothing came out of it.

Finally I saw this beautiful contract Andy Clarke had written up for his web design projects. He breaks it up into points and explains it completely on his blog.

I also took some clauses from this talk at Creative Mornings - called F*CK YOU, PAY ME  - A brilliant session on how creative professionals will spend hours talking about the different shades of magenta but won't sign a contract when taking a comission.

Funny thing is, its such an unusual contract that it gets you all kind of interesting responses. But it is a very solid contract.
Some of the clauses in the contract -

1. No race between two horses - If I am hired for a particular project, no one else will be hired for the same work.

2. You should have the authority to comission this work on behalf of your company, and If you lose your job, my payments are secure.

3. You can't just end the project whenever you wish. You will pay for whichever phase the project was in. Including a kill fees.

4. If someone goes apeshit over something I make for you. They can't drag me to court. Its between you and the monkeyman.

5. You will provide inputs, source material and payments on time. You delay. I delay.

6. You pay me an advance, and pay me for any samples I try out (something to do before the contract, many people just ask you to try out samples for free and then use them and never commission the project, charging for samples is sort of a check)

Here's my version, feel free to use all or any part of it. You can copy the text from here or download it from Scribd.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Chakka - The Game

The game concept that never took off...But you can give me marks for trying.

The concept note also featured 8 bit artwork -