Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Visiting Card : The Motorcycle Diaries

I love my visiting card. Its simple and straightforward. 

My other favorite card is the kind with phone numbers, website, residential and office address, passport size photo and so many other details that it looks more like a miniature resume.

I might get one of those one day.

Till then this one works. Although  a comic I attempted along time ago led to this card.

This comic was called Motorcycle Diaries. and I was making one panel of this comic everyday. but then I didn't complete it. I completed it later, and it was part of my first full length comic - Itch You Can't Scratch, but never posted the full comic on the blog.

It is from a time when I really didn't know coloring on computers that well. mainly I used the "posterize" effect Saad Akhtar mentioned on his "how I make my comic" post on fly you fools.

I've finished it now, and here it is.
(spoilers - keep low expectations, that helps. this is early 2009 work.)

Not that funny. I'm sorry. You can have your money back by clicking here.


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