Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dictionary : Newspaper

When you have your own style, or generally in cartooning and illustration - you sort of make a dictionary as you go along. 

For me the whole dictionary thing started with eyes. How do I draw eyes? I tried out the disney style, but didn't like it. then I tried something else. but it finally evolved into this:

And it went on like this for many more things : Hands, cars, animals...simplifying everything to keep the essentials but losing the extras.

Newspapers are something I haven't got as yet. Newspapers are a huge tool in telling historical stories, or any story for that matter.
Till now I gave the headlines importance but the minor text was always straight lines :

Which was a problem because I wanted the text to be simplified, but still have an identity. Answer came from Orijit Sen's comics in the NCERT textbook for class 7th - 

This is what I was looking for. 

White lines over black blocks make the text feel full, but still gives it less importance than the main image or context.

Problem solved. new entry in the dictionary.

I've already used it lot of times since I added it.

Illustration for BBC: Artwork by my namesake Sumit Kumar.

(From a video we're making for Aaapki Poojita)

This a wonderful process, that keeps going on at simmer.


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