Monday, July 08, 2013

HT Brunch comic

The sunday magazine of HT Brunch did a comics special, and asked few comic creators to send in one page comics.

P.S - they called the comics creators in the issue as the "best comic creators of the country". I think these were just the people who agreed, out of a bigger list of people they knew worked in comics, out of a bigger list of people who are more famous than their equally or more talented counterparts due to some inequality or other, out of of a bigger list of the actually best comic creators of the country.  

The theme was "Suviving in the big city"

After lot of to and fro we agreed on this final idea : 

And I drew a rough thumbnail for it....

But then I had the good sense to realise it was too much for one page. So I shifted to this other idea I had written for a long time for a small book - It basically included 10 lessons of life like "sab harami hain" etc. etc.

had space for only 3 of those.

So it seemed like good to all to fir hamne yahi kar liya.
It went well.

Here's the link to the version on HT website:


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