Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fontmaster Havaldar Karmali

Recently on a chutti I went to an Army base where a friend of mine posted.

All the time I noticed these writing pads everyone in his unit was carrying. They had their names written on it in a beautiful curvy typeface. I was curious  and asked him about the font, funny was what he told me....

That was not a font but manual handwriting of a Havaladar of his unit who makes this pads for everyone in the unit.

I met Havaldar Karmali, sat with him, he taught me how he did it (in a single stroke without using an eraser) and I taught him some cartooning.

I told my officer friend that I could make font out of this, we could name the font Karmali and they could use it all across the unit. He agreed, we also asked Karmali saab, and he said he won't mind it, although he was a bit confused about what a font was - his fellow Havaldar - the guy who makes presentation etc tried to explain it to him.

I gave Karmali saab a template to fill, and as soon as I was back I got the filled up template from him.

I got to work and after a series of tweaks and changes managed the software - Hav Karmali.ttf

Interesting was that after a few days I got my own notebook from Havaldar Karmali !!! and he had made special effort for my notepad!

Yuss, I am a proud owner of my owner Karmali notepad !


parminder.4666 said...

Wonderful....Salute to Havaldaar..

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