Tuesday, May 07, 2013

An year in review : The 26 year old cartoonist

An year in review.

Today is my Birthday.
I've just turned 26.

Last year I sent this to everyone -

Now some of my worries about crossing the half retarded age of 25 came true. I started telling lies people wanted to hear.

This year was full of lot of new things - 

I started a webcomic with my comic writer and artist himself man Adhiraj Singh!

My partnership with Newslaundry continues, I completed the longest comic I have written (100 pages, one page is vertically 3/4 times the A4 page.) about a conflict older than India, using a irreverent and satirical tone. It was read by lakhs, appreciated by all, shared like crazy. With the coloring support of the minimalistic illustrator Rajkanwal Suri 

Also I was able to finish my long drawn Khushwant comic pitch after two years, with the help of my talented artist cousin Shikhant! Logo used only for pitching purposes, Penguin hasn't commissioned it (yet.)

I (sort of) got accepted into the most respected Art School for Comics and cartooning in the world!

Finished a Fisherman's Story using illustration and a new technology called Parallex/Scrollpath for a good friend of mine!

Learnt basics of Thangka (Tibetan Paintings)

Which I intend to use on a secret project 

Proposed my girlfriend for marriage with this animated film. She said Yes. :-)

My little book continues to do well, but the fight goes on.

And this year, for the first time my work was stolen.

So thank you for your eyeballs. 
Keep looking because I'm not satisfied yet, but that doesn't mean I'll dilute anything to mass produce anything.

I paid all my assistant illustrators including the Mario Mirandaisqe - Charu Chaudha, well and didn't use their talent on the ruse of training, opportunities and what not.

I'm taking a small break this year due to someone something said, and continuing the relaxed approach all this year. Enjoying my tiny success.

Thanksu very much.
Always the best to read but low cost comics with free sambhar.
Udipi Comics Zindabad.

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