Sunday, December 02, 2012

A Chai Bar Sunday

So today a mazdoor occupied our kitchen and we were unable to have breakfast. Mother was smart and decided to stick to fruits.

So left were me and papa, and then I reminded him of this "interesting" pamphlet we recieved in our newspaper some days back. And their prices were reasonable.

And the place actually turned out great. My father loved the prices first, he is from the WE HATE THE LOGIC OF A COFFEE FOR 50 RUPEES generation.
Also, he loved the idea, as he said - "Chai never got its due in India"
The place also plays old songs, so Madhumati and Bimal Roy made sure my father was happy.

As for me I was too. Its a nice place to go to. Plus it has internet. A full fledged internet cafe, with printers scanners etc.

Here are some pictures - 

So, it was fun!

nashta+chai for two - 150 rupees only.
The Indian inside me is happy.

on our way back I saw two people making GAJJAK.
- their hammer was made by Acme industries.


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