Monday, November 19, 2012

A pending post

I have this folder on my desktop.

It has been around for so long - items I wanted to blog about but never got around here are all of them - in one go -

An old image from someone else's profile with Political Cartoonists and Cartoonist Pran. Also in the image is Young Neelabh (TOI's cartoonist.)

Something Neelabh made for the Comic Con India team, just before the 1st one.


Orijit Sen's Punjab - one of the most detailed pieces of illustration - One day I'm going to see it - and interview Orijit Sen about it.

A switch board I painted.

This is something we saw in the 1st Doga comic while we were partying - Anant noticed this - whenever someone shot anyone in the comic - it went Chyum, Chyum - and then someone shoots at Doga - Doga shoots back and their shots cut each other off - and it become CHYUM-KAAT!

When I tried shaving with a straight razer

Recently bought an old HMT Pilot watch - and it works pretty well wanted to post about it with the contact details of the shop to buy it from. never got the time. this is from - 

+(91)-(11)-23959500, 23959500, 9212007867. 525, Ist Floor, Haveli Haider Quli, Fatehpuri, D-06, Delhi - 11000 

When Akul and I went to this South Africa National Day invite we got (never meant for us).  
 And I got a photo clicked with the Ambassdor of South Africa
 Bhupi Sir - my first cartooning teacher

When I am dressed up as Lata Mangeshkar

The Khushwant Singh painting Pritika gave me on my first birthday with her.

And how I painted her bathroom tanky.

And then she painted my nails in return

The most effervescent description by an artist - DESIGN, MEDIUMS, EXPLORE, wah wah - very beautiful. (I don't know her)
 When Ruskin bond didn't give a fuck (at Delhi Book Fair)

Bye bye folder. You're on the cloud now.