Friday, October 05, 2012

Young Creative Man - abusing you is a national fetish

Okay..this blog...this blog is supposed to be a blog, which gets me more work, you know, the blog which is supposed to impress people and get me more work.

part of a well branded repository of work which is supposed to impress people, you know, the blog runs parallel to the twitter. Linked In, Google plus, Deviant art, colorflot and all other services are subscribed to.

stupid, thats all stupid, because i don't have a clue how "goras" do that, I can't.

so this blog gets most honestly updated when i am on one extreme of the emotion or the other or just plain drunk. 

today I have my friend Adhiraj here with me...and we're honestly totally smashed.

things which I wanted to talk about, well I am talking about them now...


Newslaundry really likes my comics, they're really happy with it. They get lot of views on the comics. They want longer coics, but they want to decrease the time required to make it.
One way to do it is to hire people, to make the process parallel. They're ready to pay for it, like every company I've worked with is, they're ready to invest in it.

They're really smart, these people.
There's only one thing stopping me.

I don't want to abuse young people.

You know my dear young creative man, this world is out there to abuse you, every ad you see out there, for a creative job, it seeks a young man, who is passionate, who is ready to work the extra hours without asking for extra money.
I see very few ads talking about the experience an older creative man has. Its like a standard now, all creative jobs need young "enthusiastic" creative professionals who are ready to work for less money, but are "passionate" about the work.

Some examples - 

From a major food based website jiska naam starts from the last letter in english alphabet.
quoting - 

Working in a big company will never give them a chance at doing all the superhuman stuff you do in a startup. For example, it is 2am right now and I have 7 colleagues alive and kicking on my work IM who I can talk to and discuss stuff, something you’d never dream in a corporate deadjob. Only the people who have lived through pain in their lives will be able to plow through the highs and lows of working in a startup. And support you through it.

In fact one cousin of mine who is an engineer who didnt puruse an engineering naukri, is an abstract painter, and a nice graphic designer went for an interview at Zomato. All they asked him there if what graphic suites he knew and if he can adjust in the text to design ad creation-deadjob they were offering. he refuesed.

From Another creative powerhouse's web-ad

"Do not worry if you are a fresher..." because then you're cheaper with some training you'll be taking care of out labor intensive work! in some ways its like Child labor. the adult is less profitable than the child.  

This another piece of beauty from a movie production firm - 

They're asking for "movie ideas", not scripts.

and they end their poster with this solid piece of beauty

Sahi baat hai. Sab ideas foreign movies se churate hain, hamne bhi churaya, ab ham crowdsourcing se churayenge.

and then their partner in this "contest" is a comic festival, which is right now a film festival too...I helped start this Comic festival. The business owner there too, has developed a taste for fresh blood, or an inability to pay what should be paid. pay as little as possible. 

apparent in this ad -

In this one they are looking for photographers for their Comic festival. down below in the ad lies this gem.

By the way, the "edeavour" which is in its nascent stages was charges a lot for booth and rarely discounts. unless you're a bigger papa who needs to be impressed.

The most irritating thing is this - the companies will write shit, about ethics and thoughts and ideas and what not. In the end, it is a dhandha, I've seen how all business people talk "at home" - at home means during day to day at work - they talk simple, what's the cost, what's the ROI - "return on investment" - simple, seedha.

So ignore the talk my dear young creative man, they'll suck you out and then they'll leave you dry.

realise this.

realise this fast.

that's why this was my poster when I was looking for an assistant last year.

I am looking again, but this time the plan is different.

- Sumit Kumar. Cartoonist and Awesome man.


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