Saturday, October 20, 2012


Nostalgia becomes more common as we grow old. I rarely indulge in it, and today in that rare moment, I opened some old emails, communication with the company I worked with for a long time.

The emails were cordial and nice. there were some which were curt. but they only show involvement. Which played an important role in my growth.

I left because I had hit the ceiling. there was no room for growth. also, the behavior was slowly moving towards, pathetic. that in fact triggered my leaving the job.

Bigger space out here. with more room. I am trying things as well as slowly settling in the cartooning job. I manage to save a bit too. Have read and learnt a lot in the past few months.
One by one I am finishing ideas, pitches and projects I wanted to.  Over all, it might just work out.

Sad how things get sometimes. Only if they could be kept simple.

Thats where I think weed comes in.


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