Sunday, October 28, 2012

Making the HT Brunch cover # October 21st

Recently I made the cover for HT Brunch. This was as mainstream as I could get.

The theme was horror and I decided to continue in the Webchutney calendar style. Mostly small characters all related to the theme with a strong central character.

After a few changes here and there we were set. The editor thought the central lady I had made was too scary AND ugly. (She is based on the lady from the Noorie remix by Bally Sagoo).
So she was changed.

Working with me on this were - Saudamini Jain and Monica Gupta

Cover Process#

Credit #

A mamaji of mine took a better picture, the kind which graphic designers like to keep in their portfolios #

References # Bela Lugosi, Tauji, Hazel and others.


Unknown said...

You are awesome!
Keep it up!

Anubhav Roy
Author at Rafting Rishikesh

sumit kumar said...

Thanks Anubhav

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