Monday, October 08, 2012

Comment on an earlier post.

A comment by Saumin Patel on this blog entry

What you have mentioned is one side of the story...the other side is...todays youth is so overexposed with everything..information, attics, manners, protocol...they know it all...its like a vessel of 1 liter filled with 20 liters of this with their "har ek friend zaroori hota hai" mentality of sharing and caring to no end...all this leaves very little time for them to actually do something...yes there are focused guys but they are less..most are too busy being when a company honestly wants to get a responsible new creative person on board...all you get is this overflowing vessel that knows it all and above all he /she knows that their friends and seniors make xyz amount per month...when you get one of these guys who want to get money but not work...its really a sad time...i have seen this...studios here hire lots of freshers from a reputed national design institute...most of these me 80% of these guys are into just BEING COOL and delivering jackshit...they will come with their mac book pros and yap all day and deliver zilch at months end...and when confronted, they will act so confidently that what they are doing is part of thinking process...that trust me i feel like skinning them alive like chickens...these guys exist in huge number and they are the ones who are working in channels and film studios etc...i have met this breed of young and enthusiastic creative kinds...and if i have to hire one of them and pay...:) then i will be the bitch you so don't like. but then they are so enlightened that they won't work for me anyways.


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