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Cartoonist's and their better halves a.k.a a stroke of love

By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you'll become happy; if you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher.  - Socrates

Wives and Girlfriends of cartoonists - is a topic which has never been discussed at length before.

(By cartoonists I mean people who write and draw/animate their own ideas. This is not an exhaustive list, or a arranged by their contribution to the medium list, only list of people who came to my mind.)

What was Laxman's companion like? 

He had two wives. both were called Kamla. First one was a dancer and film actor, then he divorced and married the other Kamla.


Well his wife is not mentioned anywhere. I've had the chance to meet "Bini chachi" when I visited Mr.Pran's home and she seemed like a very nice lady.

Mario Miranda

Habiba Hydari Miranda is an artist.

Orijit Sen

His wife in fact is his business partner in People Tree. During the 1st Comic Con, when Mr.Sen was taking more than the time allotted to him for his session, I went to Mrs. Sen and asked if I should go in between the session and tell him this.
When I met Mr. Sen for a second time, she told me that she really found it funny that I did that. She also asked me why I hate fartnath Banerjee so much.
I just smiled.

Fartnath Banerjee

Life in Delhi hasn’t been exactly easy for Sarnath and his wife, Bani Abidi, a distinguished artist in her own right who happens to be Pakistani. She requires clearance for movements outside Delhi —but accepts the visa regime for Indians in Pakistan is equally restrictive.
The couple are currently sheltering in Berlin where Bani Abidi is supported by an “artist in residence” scholarship.
Sarnath, who has lived briefly in Paris as well, finds Berlin to his taste. “This is a good city, an intellectually vibrant city.”

source: The Telegraph

That's the grant-savy Fartnath for you.

Vaibhav Kumaresh
Also, Kumaresh readily acknowledges his wife, Suranjana's role in giving him the space and the encouragement. She is also an NID alumni and she doubles up as partner and co-director in her husband's studio. 
I'd like to break his home and marry Kumaresh. High Court approves this now.

Satish Acharya

Although he hasn't mentioned his wife more publicly except on the day of his anniversary - on his facebook wall, when he thanked her for giving so many hours for cartooning, which were her.

he works from a small town, he shifted to Kundapura after living in Mumbai for 17 years.
What he says about it deserves full mention.

 I guess I’m used to taking risky decisions in life. But luckily so far its been a wonderful move. It wasn’t easy leaving Mumbai behind after spending 17 years in the city. I had to shift to give my little son a better health, because pollution levels in Mumbai was making him sick. It was a tough decision, but Mid Day understood my concern and supported me. But I know that I’ll remain a mumbaikar all my life. You cannot take out mumbaikar from someone! And I consider those 17 years of my life as a defining phase of my career.
The best thing about working from a small town is that, you’re gifted with 30 hours in a day. And you’ll get more time to spend with your kid and family.
The best thing about working from a small town is that, you’re gifted with 30 hours in a day. And you’ll get more time to spend with your kid and family. On the flip side, you feel like an alien in a small town after having lived in a city like Mumbai for so long. The attitude towards life, work is totally different. I’m still struggling to connect with my hometown. And also there are very few entertainment options here to relax after a week’s hardwork.

Note: In a chat with Satish Acharya, he told me this -

"if you asked me for some dtails about my wife i'd have given. she's a doctor from name is Dr. Amitha.  i have always shared whatever i have achieved in cartooning to her..both at my first exhibiton and regularly on fb"

Sharad Sharma
The World Comics founder is not married, but I suspect romance brewing with this person I know. I haven't asked him directly about it yet.

Moving to some of them I know on a personal level -

Kshiraj Tailang - Swati, his wife is a wonderful person. She helps him with his work, and helped him manage his stall at the Comic festivals.

Abhijeet Kini - Diksha, his wife is a wonderful person, helps him in his business - merchandise and stalls. She recently wished me all the luck for Aaapki Poojita.

Oh yes, and there is this cartoonist, based in Delhi.

The girl he's with is not his business partner. But she is his worst critic, the sharpest critic , that makes it being with her extra special.

She is a really warm hearted girl, who's equally awesome.

A graphic designer who lives in Delhi and works in Gurgaon.

How (the delhi based cartoonist) worries about her travel, daily, given that Gurgaon-Delhi-Noida belt is now Bermuda's triangle.

Hoping he could appreciate her better.

Special mention - 

Nick Cross - the animator of Yellow Cake, is an indie animation king in his own space. His wife, Marlo Meekins is a brilliant cartoonist herself and a looker (can't come to India to beat me up - get cross with me Mr.Cross, . :-p). 
In fact, he posted a youtube video of his wife cooking and writes there - 

"Superstar Marlo Meekins rolls up a sweet cinnamon treat!

Hands off her, she's MINE!

Signing off...

- Sumit Kumar, Cartoonist and Gossip Queen.


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