Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SUB! by Jesse Schmal

Another gem by Anand

generally speaking, the cocooned coffee-shop world of a growing number of journalists (having an affluent and insulated background) makes media narrative vulnerable to naive and shallow understanding of the heat, dust and banalities 
of everyday life. It shackles journalistic engagement.

As Manu Joseph tersely observes: “They are, after all, the easy beneficiaries of India’s inequities. It is not just about the maids, the baby maids, the cooks, the gardeners and the drivers, who come at laughable rates. The comfort is much deeper. As long as one is from a certain background, one does not have to be exceptional to go a long way in the private sector, academics, arts, media, anything really”.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Webchutney Calendars

I did the monthly webchutney calendars in 2011. This was right after I had left my job at Comic Con India/Random Magazine/Twenty Onwards Media.

The first calendar took longer to complete, but once I was there it was easy to do the rest.

Calendar 1 -

Brief #

Skirting the issue, are we?

Shakti Kapoor's entry in Bigg Boss garnered 30% more volume in tweets than Anna Hazare's activism on banishing corruption in India on Twitter!

First draft #




Yes only four. after that they had achieved the visibility they wanted.

working with me on this were - 

Sudesh Samaria, Shweta Bhandari

Uonline office early 2009

Indic Illustrator

I started work on Indic-illustrator in early 2009 - this was the time when I had realised that finding a comic artist was the most difficult task of all, and if it was difficult for me, someone who follows comics, imagine it for someone who has no connection with an ad agency - someone who works for an ad agency etc.

I was also at that time reaching out to international artists (based in south america and other places) which cost almost the same as our Indian artist, sometime even less.

so this flat world was another interesting thing.

I thought of integrating all of that into this idea, basically a version of Hire an illustrator

Sharing some images of the website concept.

This was a project I had worked long on, it was even my final year B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering degree thesis.

Saumin Patel and Harsho Mohan (who was an acquaintance back then) was gracious to allow me to use his artwork in the gallery -

Harsho Mohan even made a header for the website, since my own cartooning skills had developed little back then

This was even my diploma project for my B.Tech Computer Sciences and Engineering degree.

Making the HT Brunch cover # October 21st

Recently I made the cover for HT Brunch. This was as mainstream as I could get.

The theme was horror and I decided to continue in the Webchutney calendar style. Mostly small characters all related to the theme with a strong central character.

After a few changes here and there we were set. The editor thought the central lady I had made was too scary AND ugly. (She is based on the lady from the Noorie remix by Bally Sagoo).
So she was changed.

Working with me on this were - Saudamini Jain and Monica Gupta

Cover Process#

Credit #

A mamaji of mine took a better picture, the kind which graphic designers like to keep in their portfolios #

References # Bela Lugosi, Tauji, Hazel and others.

Thangka Painting Workshop at Thangde Gatsal Studios - Dharamsala

The Greetings - exploring my story

For some time now I've been exploring a story Me and Adhiraj were writing through my festive greetings. This story is set around the time of the Indian Independence movement.

Diwali #

Holi #

Independence Day#

Diwali 2#