Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kashmir Ki Kahani - Part 2 and coverage

After months of hard labor I finally managed to finish Kashmir Ki Kahani part 2. Helping me was the extremely talented Suri Singh who inked and colored most of the comic.

You can read it here:

If you haven't read part 1, you can read it here:

Times Of India did a story on the Comics, however in typical corporate childish behavior they chose to call "" as "the website".
Newslaundry takes the case of all the news firms quite thoroughly, and that pisses them off.

Few lines fromt the article:

Web comic series 'Kashmir Ki Kahani' traces the history of the Kashmir conflict in a fun narrative with lots of black humour thrown in. In the comic, the bandhgala-clad figure with the face of Marvel comics superhero Iron Man, is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Pritam, Anu Malik and Bappi Lahiri advise Sheikh Abdullah to "think original" when looking for a solution to the Kashmir issue. Two parts of this three part series are already available for free public viewing on a website.

Here's the article:

And then Vinayak Razdan, the man whole helped me research Part 2 and Part 3 wrote an entry on his blog -

I even started a blog to bore Kashmiris with stories of Kashmir. This blog. Do you realize the efforts it takes to bore Kashmiris with Kashmir story. Ask me. It became such an effort that I forgot all about educating Indians.

But that was until a couple of months back when Sumit Kumar e-mailed  me to inform that it was an old post of mine that led him to Andrew Whitehead's 'A Mission in Kashmir' which went on to be one of the sources for his comic take on events around 1947 in Kashmir, the freakishly funny Kashmir Ki Kahani Part - 1. Part 1 involved story about the genesis of the problem. Part 2 was going to be about rise of Sheikh Abdullah. He asked me if I could help him a bit with that. A chance to mess with...eer... re-educate the two type of Indians about Kashmir in an entirely fun new way. I was in. What followed was a series of emails on the subject.

The result: wickedly funny (and educative at the same time) Sumit Kumar's Kashmir Ki Kahani - Part 2 here. Do check it out!

Blog entry in full here -

He also was one of the rare ones who could figure out why I gave credit to R.K.Laxman at the end of Part 2 - 


R.K Laxman's caricature of Sheikh Abdullah that went on to be the base model for Sheikh in this comic."

Update 2013: 

Part 3


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