Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Rahul Gandhi's Illustrated Biography

During a discussion someone suggested to the editor of Newslaundry an idea, to basically do an illustrated Comic on Rahul Gandhi's life and career. 

his reply was - Huh?!?! His CAREER?!?!? In politics??!?! Not Rahul. There is no career in politics. There is no story to his political rise. His story can be three frames. Born – kind of grew up – became MP... And kind of growing up

Some weeks passed and I had to suggest a small, 7-8 page comic to them. So I suggested the Rahul's life again. Summary ? 

Born – kind of grew up – became MP... And kind of growing up

working on this with me was Suri Singh, and the style reference I shared with him was of this Children's story book I read a long time back, The Stonecutter, illustrated by Lee Cosgrove.

And we could do it in the time we had. I did the art and Suri created the illustration digitally in the style.

I did a Preface to give it the complete feel of a book, this panel in particular of the city took some time to complete...

I loved the finished product, moreover the Starting Apology Letter , which had my cartoon asking for muaafi - 


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