Monday, April 30, 2012

One more Chapter finished :-P Phew!

Finished another chapter of this new idea I have been working on...

The repetitive sound effect

Today, stole the standard style for repeating sound effects from the work of an artist I really admire. This is great for helicopter sounds, machine noises, all those irritating repeating sounds.

This is a new word in the dictionary now.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Vertical Cartoons

The very moment I got the assignment of News Laundry, I sat down and thought a great deal about how I will execute it, including the effort I will put in, the right balance of mechanical effort and creative sweat. places where I'll do what I please and places where I'll just operate as an illustrator.

In all of this, I thought about a major change in the layout. While discussing another project of mine I got a very sweet nugget of knowledge from Saad Akhtar, a good friend, about the kind of layout I believed was right.

I told him about how I believed in Scott Adams ideas about an infinite Comic canvas, and how actually it is true. He came back to me with ""वो सब बकवास है, actually कोई infinite canvas नहीं होता, web comics are all about vertical scroll, just think about it you always scroll from top to bottom, left to right in non existent and stupid."

and then I thought about it and well he was right, and from the next day I was supposed to begin my really long comic, so I picked up this vertical reading pattern and went ahead with it.

Result? Comic Pages like this - (Original comics at

I have also continued to use that layout as a habit in almost all of the cartoons I do. (

I guess my idea to always work on an independent project all the time helps me discover new ideas and tools, also - thank you Saad Akhtar!