Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hoogda boodi Bo Baa

Hoogdom bada bi bi bodo baa, badi baa bodi buati bandi ba baaa

this means

nothing in nothing!

The best time to blog is when you are drunk!

Blogging from my imac which my ex employer tried to take away from me. What's the story? well I'll reserve it for a comic, its a funny story about human behaviour, will come later.

So today, on a perfectly normal day I read this -

Joe Sacco, an illustrator cum reporter's account on condition in Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh, where a segment of people are so poor that they get their food from rat holes, where rats collect grains from the farms nearby. these poor fellows collect grains from this small holes to cook their roti.

so once you read something like this, sleep doesn't strike. Despite of how hard you try it really doesn't come.

So the best way out is trying out the engineering college standard, age old solution, old monk and namkeen.
rab bhi nahi aati!

hoogdi boo ba!

There's no point getting sad about things though, life is unfair to everyone, from the people I consider idiots to people who consider me an idiot, life is unfair to everyone.

its also funny to notice how few grammatical mistakes I make when I am drunk. Should start writing proses when I am drunk, I might win a Sahitya Akademi Award or something.

By the way, India after Gandhi won the Sahitya Akademi Award, so if you haven't read it still, go ahead and  read it, its a brilliant book and is an appetizer among the buffet of books we have on the offering.

life as usual, goes on, despite recent deaths, recent achievements and recent moments of joy, life goes on.

And finally don't have anything more to say, if I was creative enough by the standards set by my fine art peers, I would have attempted a 'piece' on life, but well, I am not, so I'll let it be and try and let my thoughts flow through text.

Now, if I am using text to let my feelings flow, doesn't necessarily mean that I am a master of using text to my advantage, actually there are very few out there who really master the art of using text.

Text when used at best makes up of images, transitions, colors and every other tool of expression, but there are very few out there who really are a master of the written word. In this world of blogs and 95 rupee books, every ass like me has the opportunity to express him/herself without anyone's approval and that leads to a clutter of such magnitude that the garbage left after a mata ki chowki can only give you an idea of the beauty of the clutter.

writing more, would really make two phrases suffer badly, specially in my context. There are - political correctness and getting ahead of oneself.

so I'll let it be here. Till the time I get drunk next or I need to show something else off.

- Sumit

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Support Without Question

This year the biggest topic of discussion in India has been the Lokpal Bill, its a bill for a new and stronger anti corruption body.

A group of activists are riding on the government to get the bill passed in time, by fasting and protesting. They have been hailed in various ways, specially Anna Hazare, who has been compared to Mahatma Gandhi on several occasions.
This new body if passed the way the activists want it, will be a small mini government with absolute power to do almost anything.

The debates continue, but the average "supporter" is not too keen in getting to know the Bill.