Saturday, December 10, 2011

On the varying size of Sabu

Sabu in the earlier comics used to be really tall, his head was in the clouds all the times, but slowly Pran scaled him down to the size of a giant.

Why did he do so?

I would’ve preferred the big supertall sabu over the giant size.

I think that what happened was the Madagascar problem.

When you see Madagascar, you can clearly see how the Giraffe’s head was always a problem, mostly when they had to show him with the other characters, so there couldn’t be many group shots.
In some places his long neck was also used as a good device, but mostly it was a problem.

I think the similar might’ve been a problem with the really tall sabu, a giant can have more people in the frame, but for the super tall sabu you would have to draw a special panel everytime.

But still Sabu’s height kept changing all the time. It still varies a lot.


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