Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Interview - Sergio Aragone's

Friday, July 08, 2011

I'm not an art student!

Working On Style

Recently I've been working on rendering, trying to create a final product where the artwork is amplified. I've tried everything, from water colors to pencil colors, to water colors, digital coloring and nothing has ever worked, which has really got me irritated for a lot of time.

And looking at the work of all these illustrators who are so perfect is so irritating, you know the ones who know how to use lines, use pure shapes to create artwork, champ of colors, so on so forth.

And i was taking the regular approach, trying to ink using crow quills, brushes, rooting pens, rooting inks, and what not.
but, why should I go the art college way, I am not an art student, to begin with i don't even understand
the sketchbooks of these art students.
These professional illustrators, who all have studied at these JJ schools, and what not have uploaded their sketchbooks on their blogs, when I look at them, they have all these sketches with water colors, pastels and what not.

and you call them rough sketches?

So i just realized, I have drawn most of the time in my notepad, with a BALL PEN.

I am a damn computer science engineer!
I was never an ART student!

I don't have rough sketchbooks which look like Pablo Picasso's tatti!

and I am afraid of ART...

So my notebook and my ball pen are my basic devices, and a ball pen is a beautiful thing, it has various levels of darkness, depending on pen pressure, unlike any method of inking.
So all I need is to create the artwork with a ball pen.

and coloring, what about coloring?

I can't tell you my frustration, my anger at coloring, I am tired of watching the too perfect colors in comics, is people's artwork and especially in the sketchbooks of art students!

So this time to begin with, simple decision, no more trying to be an art student.

Just simple hues of the colors.
I'm not an Art Student.
thats all.