Saturday, April 30, 2011

Private Eye Anonymous - A Unique Book Which Needs More LOVE!

First I heard about Private Eye Anonymous was when it got a special edition of HT Brunch dedicated to it, which had this specially made piece called THE CASE OF THE GRAPHIC NOVEL

I didn't read it then, because I was in my 2nd year, trying hard to find something to do in cartooning, without any success, I had written to everyone, including fartnath Banerjee.

Nobody replied.

And then I read Fartnath Banerjee's books which were even more depressing.

So I took all my anger out when Private Eye Came out, I made it a point that I'll never read it, because I decided on my own that it'd be bad.

AFTER 3 YEARS I was looking around which all authors we had missed during the first Comic Con, I saw Private Eye and I picked it just for that reason.

And then I read it...


and for a variety of reasons.

1. STRONG WRITING - the book has strong writing, it has a specific way it has been written, although the hero is a detective, and has a sidekick, but the writing is brilliant in terms of recurring references.
And the story doesn't suffer because the author was busy with the art, that never happens.
There are strong characters, with a very unique I wont give a character background approach.

2. STYLE OF ITS OWN - the book has unique style, from the plus in my profession style of jokes, to the Panel free arrangement, brilliant coloring not to mention the POVs.

Now, when I look back I see Tejas had worked quite hard to promote the book, because at the time when it was launched, it was everywhere.

But, yes its not covered that much now, because of the idiotic publishers and journalists who have no idea what comics are, because whenever something new happens in comics, all they can come up with is a generic article on the history on Indian Comics, a picture or two of ACK or something and a small tilt towards the topic in question (MAY IT BE A COMIC CON OR A PRIVATE EYE)

Anyways, Tejas Welcome Back!
Lets Kick Start the promotions again, and lets see a new Private Eye installment!


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