Monday, March 07, 2011

Right thing to do

How do you know something's the right things to do?

When you're doing the right thing, you'll learn from it.
that doesn't mean that you will not learn from the wrong things, you will but that won't be the What-i-should-not-do type of learning.

When you do the right thing, the lessons are realisations, they are really prominent, you won't miss them, they are the like realising the pattern  in things.

What I realised while doing my right thing -

1. A quick reply is always nice, with work specially, a quick reply, even if it says that it will take you some time to give them a proper reply.

2. There's no point getting angry on people - If I don't get angry and just give them the cold logic with a smile it works equally better.
(Doesn't mean you have to be gandhi, you have to get pissed ocassionaly to be sane)

3. Always work with an editor - anyone working on a creative project tends to go haywire, lose the sense of reality, or simply put they can get lost in the idea so much that they sometimes forget that they are working within a framework,
Editors help put the third person perspective on everything.

Feels good getting it out of my system, all this was stuck inside my brain for a long time, now its out...


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