Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Grand Summation

I just realised that how important it is to feel satisfied at times, and then after the satisfaction you can either pursue another goal or if you're really satisfied you can leave the goal pursuing to the side and have some fun.

Also slowly i have to accept that I am very clear that timings are very important in life, the very minute periods of time which decide lot of things, like say kissing a girl, now the terrible thing is that if you don't understand the time when you have to go for it, then you are practically are of no use to yourself, to the girl, or to humanity.

But what can I do? all these periods last for very little time, very little, and the hints are too subtle, really too subtle, until you're not with a normal person.
If you're with someone who's eccentric in some way then its easy, then by one way or the other the hint is very clear! its in bold, blinking, and of huge size.

I clearly remember the three times I missed.

And well, I really don't want to miss any more.


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