Sunday, February 06, 2011

Burai Ka Anth!

Burai Ka Anth - A film, part of the short film competition here at RANDOM.

My Only problem was that I was not able to shoot this completely, so since I made it just to humor myself, I added a small part in the places which i could not shoot...

Music - DJ Automator, Bombay the hard way

Brief - An accountant joins a new office and meets the new people he'll be working with, among these is Naval, the office supervisor. Navalji comes out as a cordial and nice person who likes to help people. The same day, while walking back from office Naval meets Kanwal, his twin brother whom he had broken ties a long time ago.
Kanwal replaces Navalji and then runs loose, before ....

...before the end, the end of the Burai
before Burai Ka Anth

Pictures from the "DVD Release" -

Cover -

and the Script...

Note - Very few have seen this movie till the end, very few, but everyone loved Samay ,theek hai?


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