Tuesday, February 08, 2011


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Hi Sumit,
thanks for the appreciation! I work in
Software industry, making games on social networks which basically
involves sending out lot of spam and getting people to read it and
somehow pay for it. Nice to hear from you.


Kisine blog pada...yahan main tense hua

Ab soch ke likhna shuru kar dunga kya?

Sunday, February 06, 2011

I Wrote This Too!!!

I did this , i did that!

I wrote this , I wrote that!!!!

Look at me !

I am a Wannabe Chutiya!!!

(Just for the viewing pleasure of Adhiraj Singh, according to him this is what this blog is, mostly)

dear Adhiraj,
point noted
- Sumit

Burai Ka Anth!

Burai Ka Anth - A film, part of the short film competition here at RANDOM.

My Only problem was that I was not able to shoot this completely, so since I made it just to humor myself, I added a small part in the places which i could not shoot...

Music - DJ Automator, Bombay the hard way

Brief - An accountant joins a new office and meets the new people he'll be working with, among these is Naval, the office supervisor. Navalji comes out as a cordial and nice person who likes to help people. The same day, while walking back from office Naval meets Kanwal, his twin brother whom he had broken ties a long time ago.
Kanwal replaces Navalji and then runs loose, before ....

...before the end, the end of the Burai
before Burai Ka Anth

Pictures from the "DVD Release" -

Cover -

and the Script...

Note - Very few have seen this movie till the end, very few, but everyone loved Samay ,theek hai?

The Visiting Card is here

Punjabi Video Mutiyaar! - I wrote this I wrote this!

BOSE kaun hai? maloom hai kya?