Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Mainstream Comics Publishers and the Arrogant Chutiyas

For the Comic Convention we are holding this feburary in delhi, I met big time publishers and the comics publishers who are huge with their footprint across the country.
The Comic publishers, despite their huge readership were nice and easy to talk to. The International publishers, who publish some Graphic Novels here and there were arrogant, with their heads deep inside their asses.

most of these "bigger" publishers have some basic number of Graphic Novels, and most of these are not normal Graphic Novels, they are more on the art side of it, and the contex of the stories finding its origins deep inside the writer's ass.

Seriously Delhi has a hude fart problem, mumbai has even a bigger fart problem.

Most of the "Young" creative people working in media, publishing, and the writers, all of these people very seriously despise the basic majority population of our country, the people you see waiting at the bus stops wearing fake nike caps, or your parents or my parents who sit in front of the TV and have food.

Mostly then just due to the simple logic of numbers, I have seen Beatles lover-barkha dutt hairstyle babbie(girl) work in an Ad Agency, writing slogans for J.K.Super Cement

So All I can figure out is that there is an audience out there, lot of it, not the perfect audience we're asking for, but a good audience.

So all these arrogant chutiyas i see, almost daily, Ad Agency chutiyas, Rock Band members (The Statan-ic Verses type ke gaandu), or these English publishers who live on inhaling fart, God help them, really.


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