Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Make the joke in the plot, not the plot around the joke

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kumar is Happy

The next one stood out. He did a lot of mimicry – which I’m not very fond of actually – but he brought the house down with his ‘Lata Mangeshkar, 800 years old’ impersonation. I won’t go into details lest it offend Lata fans, but this was very edgy stuff.

Monday, November 22, 2010

I never thought I would start blogging again, that too honestly.

I won't be performing at open mics anymore, I don't really know how to explain why I won't. Simply put Stand Up comedy is not my first love.

First love is comics, drawing and writing.

I would still be a randi for cash, i.e I would still be performing at places where I am paid.

I have been performing for one whole year now, and in this year, this whole experiment with this medium has taught me a lot, because stand up is a very different form of humor in itself, because here unlike other mediums, you get your response almost immediately.

that instant nature of this medium helps you improve a lot.

A lot of my friends and colleagues didn't see the point of performing for free for the last one year, I didn't too but now when I am finally closing shop, I guess I won't regret because I tried almost everything I could with the medium, and that with what was available.

The only problem is that our venues are stuck to places where normally you and me won't go,  if that changes, that would help the whole cause of the medium a lot.

Let's see what happens.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

How do you define a wholesome day?

first I reach office, and I get to know that today's an off (for me)

So I reach Gurgaon and meet this nice girl, a good person. We chat for a long time.

and then I go to this stand up event I had to go to, where no one turns up, I perform for 6 people, I perform "Prof. Kedarnath" ki amar kahani, and then I leave

I reach the wedding function of a colleague, where we all drink, smoke and enjoy.

Best Part - I came back with a colleague and his wife, where we play Antakshari, because the music player in the car doesn't work.
The Antakshari wanders to random songs, thanks to "yours truly" and Anant

some of the songs sung:

1. Haangte hue aate hain sab, dhota hua jo jaayega, wo muqqadar ka siqandar kehlayga
2. Dalla hai tu, Randi hu main
3. Hall chalata hoon main, Kisaan hoon main, laal ka bahadur hoon main, Jai jawan jai kisaan
4. Hamne tumko chun liya hai, tum bhi hamko chuno na (rajput his highness mix)

Finally I come home and I open my door and enter my room and I see, a small zero watt light on in my room,yes, my lovely parents can't stop being lovely, however hard I try and tell them and do nothing for me, they still do these small small things which goes deep inside.