Saturday, June 26, 2010


Bombshells is a beautiful play which has these separate women characters, from different phases in a women's lives. The version I saw was by these girls of GARGI college, where they had 5-6 girls behind the main character (For e.g. Bride) who voice her thoughts, and the main character, i.e the bride is the confused one between these opinions.

I loved this idea...



Me with Ruskin Bond Not Giving A Fuck

What Beauty I Say!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Poem for a Mean Joke

Mansi is an intern at Random, and I have been joking with her since long about her pop culture knowledge, basic that is, like Ducktales, Mr.India, aur Ek Anek Ekta.

So basically i make lots of jokes about her pop culture knowledge (its more funny because I am very shitty when it comes to pop culture, but american)

So she has her interview for her masters in Mass Comm tomorrow and I made some really bad jokes, which i really like personally, like

1. Suggested her to play dead whenever she's asked about anything remotely related to pop culture.
2. Made fun of her phtography portfolio, which i thought looked like made from a basic arty portfolio template, that means that it included the must have pictures, like


so after this she left, and I realised that I have been really rude, so I wrote her this poem, which Rhymes (because all last words ARE THE SAME!!!)

I've been joking all my life
on people, situations and everyday life.

Since I make the jokes, I never mind
I expect people don't do, but sometimes they mind.

Jokes don't mean that i doubt your talent
It means that i am very unsure about my jokes, my talent.

Thats why I want to flaunt it all the time
make you stop, and waste your time.

So forget everything i said today
because it always about the future, not today.

So get up tomorrow, with a smile.
Because you have an interview tomorrow,
and you don't want to be confused

so, sport a smile
hit them with all you have, tomorrow
They'' be awestruck, they'll be confused

Because once you're done with them,
They'll be happy you left xaviers for them.

And then I recieved her reply, a positive fun reply:

by the time i was finished with this, i had a huge smile on my face.
it means a lot.

p.s: and yes ! taking your advice, I will cough or look away or play dead,if they ask me anything about pop culture.


So, with the episode closed on a positive note, I present what I think is a template for a "PHOTOGRAPHY PORTFOLIO"

News You Can Use

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tech topics i want to write about one day...

I want to write some tech books, about some topics which i think are made boring and complicated by existing books.

Engineering Drawing: I was always good at it, the existing books cover most of the things, but they explain things like a learn to draw exercise from a kids magazine

Only the third step is complicated as shit.

Also they don't refer outside the textbook world.

Turing Machines, symbolic logic: This is one place where philosophers and Mathematicians find a central point, there may be others also, but this is the one in my knowledge.

Turing machine is a theoretical machine which is completely efficient, how cool is that?
also predicate and prepositional logic is also interesting.

included in my book would be LOGICOMIX as recommended reading.

Logicomix is a graphic novel on a man who spent his life defining logic...

Also the tone of my books would be between a graphic novel and a book, also the writing would be more like The Feyman's Lectures on Physics.

Feyman is a very interesting series of lectures given in a very easy to put manner, interesting and a must have in your book collection, even if you don't have anything to do with physics.

So Prepare for some intense books, soon.