Sunday, April 25, 2010


We constantly need reaffirmations, and we look forward to those from time to time in songs, stories, films....reaffirmations range from beliefs, angers, thoughts, something weird which we thought had happened to us all...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Comics People : Alaan Moore

Alaan Moore is the writer of V for Vendetta, and Watchmen...both of which have been made into movies..

personally i liked V for Vendetta...but i hated the Watchmen ...i have read the other things he wrote ...i love the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the comics....don't judge it by the movie...the book is far better...

but after one point in time he has been overhyped...and that kills in whatever he writes has to be the word of GOD

P.S - If you're writing a Graphic Novel, check his script for the Killing Joke, its killer...all thanks to Adhiraj for letting me know...

Peak of Entertaintment Comics : How To Make Money Like A Pornstar

Seriously this comics is brilliant...its really fun how they created the story and the little small details around even beat Watchmen when it comes to it ...

Fuck Alaan Moore and his chutiya super serious bullshit ..check this...

my personal'll love it...

What i Like About Manga

Manga is the Japanese style of comics, its definition like all definitions is all loose...Tezuka's work is the standard definition of Manga now.....

what i love about Manga is the simplistic style of story telling..and how the storytellers head never goes up his/her ass...

they'll have simple frames with the basic crosshatching...or just the bare minimal shading..

like this page from Tezuka's Buddha

and then they'll have some establishing double page spreads...which will be worth all the effort...


That's the approach i like, why waste time around drawing details into every frame, say if the whople scene is set in a single place...why waste the time drawing the whole scene again and again??

especially if you're the writer cum illustrator...

Manga Baby....


All of you who cry about where you're stuck due to your geographical locations...well Amazon takes 4$ to deliever a book anywhere in outside that's my answer....

Comics for the comics enthusiast: Yoshihiro Tatsumi

If you are an illustrator, or a cartoonist...

P.S - don't read this if you've just started out, read it after you've struggled with cartooning..then you'll feel like this is a treasure of knowledge..

so..if you're a cartoonist or an illustrator...then check out Yoshihiro Tatsumi, i don't read his books because for their story..i read them because his work teaches you can seee how his style develops through the years...

check this when he was 21

now you might see how his shapes are very basic, how he doesn't go into the fuck ups of anatomy etc..

and this is his later work..

you can clearly see how his strokes, shapes and actually everything has changed over the years...

Yoshihiro Tatsumi...reaed him out...

Comics for everyone: Osamu Tezuka

Osamu Tezuka is a Japanese Illustrator who changed the whole game of how Japan looked at Manga, earlier manga used to be just stupid four panel gags, Tezuka had two things which made him different than the crowd, \

number one, his style which was different, the big eyes and stuff was entirely his invention.

number 2 was the fact that his stories were ususal sometimes, but they were very different sometimes.

Frankly his book Dororo changed my whole perspective towardds comics

and this is not only for the comics enthusiast, his comics are for everyone...anyone who's interested in reading ...

book list:

1. Dororo
2. Buddha
3. MW


Am cool now, just watched RAY..i love the treatment...
that doesn't mean that what i wrote earlier was trash...


I'm counting minutes before i go to work tomorrow....

Moving out

Now, when i am moving out there are some promises i need to keep to myself.

1. It will get lonely, it will be really hard sometimes, but i would need to keep going on.

2. Will need to save money, and no one has the right to make me feel like a dependent.

The History of a Failure

A rare documentary done by BBC, look at rajesh khanna there, he's fucking tired, doing 7 movies at a time extracting as much as he can out of his stardom...and that's sad..and that's we need to keep in mind...

Too much coverage...too little material

We have lots of coverage, in terms of media and all, but too little people doing things original and good, and when i say good, i mean ...i don't mean no second class effort, i mean an original honest, up to the mark effort..too little of that kind...too many of the wannabe effort kinds...

There are other people in the world

There are others in this world, a lot variety of people, everybody with their unique kind of just need to keep that in mind...

No More a Blog

no more is this blog a diary for others to read, its a personal reminder system, to keep myself on my toes.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


"I have some kind of strange love for this medium....not like i am the best or something...i have just some kind of strange know how a pianist can never sit idle in front of a piano, i can't sit idle in front of a paper and pen.


From today i am taking off all those reminders i used to send to my friends, my blogs used to go to some people i know by email...but no more i am freakin tired...and i miss all my friends who are lying here and there...

i am alone.

The Life of A Nobody

1. Everyone's like a pack of wolves: Everyone, especially relatives, relatives of relatives, all of them are look like thousands of wolves, with their eyes fixed on each one of us...each one of us have our thousand wolves, when we're in college we don't give a damn about them, but as soon as we're back, we'll be taught that how they are so important, how whatever we do can make or break the fuckin family name...

2. All of them are Afraid and they want us to be afraid too: All of our parents and elders have grown in a constant fear, a fear that the we might lose our job, a fear that something bad might happen, a fear that we might be left behind.....fear, sadness, lack of any enthusiasm is what we can find in life even without trying...

In the morning traffic where people rush from corners, to the tasteless swift or maruti cars, this is everywhere, our tasteless parents, who just so depend upon us, look upon us as if we're some sort of thing they have invested in....

seriosuly, when i look our from the balcony, i see silence, nowhere i hear some loud music...nowhere i see anything...

i see tastelessness, i see boredom....

And everyone gives in...everyone at one point or other gives in to this boredom, this tastelessness...

i'll rather die than give in....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sairam Iyer

I saw sairam iyer many years ago on Mtv, and i had forgotten his name, what i remembered was the fact that he sang in both male and female voice, and not like kishore kumar, his female voice is really authentic, this dude seriously sounds nice, he even does some classical later in the song.....

i'll use this guy anytime i get the chance...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Animals in Films

Animals in films, when are nice, are really nice.

as in they help on very human levels, as in handing phones inside homes, being an umpire, murdering villains, applying cream on babies with sunburns or shooting people.

but when they play bad characters, all they do is things which are normal to them...i.e growling, barking, attacking...
why don't they rape, murder, rob banks...have affairs and leave girls?

"Shakaal tries to kill him, but Shiv Kumar breaks loose and tries to escape from the island. Shakaal unleashes wild dogs upon Shiv Kumar and eventually shoots him dead upon the beach." - Shaan, Wikipedia.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

a blog on in thodi pakau, thodi fun movies...

some movies i might watch soon...


Movies i saw recently:

Timeless, the best part is where the langda bhaiya asks bhabhi where she has been all night and all she has to say is 'badan chur chur ho raha hai'...

pakau torture, i hate the parts with the indian characters, gorey fuckers...

The Great Buck Howard

The greatest movie after Pursuit, seriously killer, especially the sad-happy-sad-happy ending...

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

All Izz Well at Golden Kela Awards...

Now, we all at Random were a little affected by the whole response to 3 was a good movie, it talked about a good subject, but it was really stupid at places, and the worst point in the film was the we thought to take its case at Golden Kela 2010...

this is the original clip

and this is what happened at the Golden Kela Awards...

New Stand Up Act - Jubilee Kumar!

the jubilee kumar act from the golden kela awards, the idea started out as the history of hamness, then after lot of work, it finally came down to celebrating the star...Jubilee Kumar....

(inputs of the team were important...)

its very satisfying, after, last year's performance, which was also nice, but पर वो थोडा खिंच गया था |
i'll post last year's performance and some shots which i did'nt use in this video.

Monday, April 05, 2010

The Line

Got to be rich to be insane

Sunday, April 04, 2010

I Love Jayesh Mehta!

Jayesh Mehta : The Merchant of Cool

I found Jayesh Mehta today while searching for something else, and i have to admit that i am in love.
What professional, what style, specially check out his cool logo at the bottom left corner on his website, the logo has lots of JMJMJMJM on it...

i love you Jayesh Mehta....

Thursday, April 01, 2010


Mindfuck day

"तेरा गाँव कौन सा छे भाया?"
"अलवर...तू राजस्थानी छे?"
"हाँ भाया मेरा गाँव जौत्वादा छे"

Intended Plan for Wednesday:

1. Get Bike from Gurgaon
2. Get it repaired
3. Come home.
4. leave for Amritsar.

Actual Plan:

1. Reach Dhaula Kuan.
2. Wait for bus.
3. Meet uncle who talks about how life is not worth living, and how young guys are chutiya.
4. reach gurgaon.
5. meet shivang, get keys of bike, talk about an animation short idea.
6. get mechanic, tries to remove broken handle lock.
7. handle lock stuck, helmet lost.
9. mechanic works on it for 3 hours, removes handle lock, temp-fix of gear lever also done.
9A. realise that Amritsar can't be done now.
10. call old friend for helmet.
11. helmet arrives while i reach the mall, gear breaks in the way, stuck in 3rd gear, max speed 40 kms/hr.
12. i hang out with old friends.
13. take bike out from mall parking at 12 am.
14. realise that bike is stuck in 1st gear, max speed 10 km/hr, will take 4 hours to reach home.
15. call another Love Sexsena, park motorcyle at his home.
16. Ask a Call centre cab for lift to pitampura.

interesting part starts here

17. Call centre cabbie asks me if i can drive, he's feeling sleepy.
18. i start driving
19. i am happy.
19A. i ask his native place, he's a rajasthani, my roots are from there, i start talking in rajasthani.
20. I ask him if he can drop me home, i'll drive till there.
21. he confirms his pick up point, he has to pick this person at 5 am, right now its 2.
22. We wake up his pick up by calling him anyway to confirm the address.
23. Cabbie tells me that the worst drivers on the road are cab drivers, they are mostly drunk and underslept, doesn't realise that he's a cabbie too...
24. he drops me home.
25. i say bye bye.
26. i am happy.