Thursday, April 01, 2010

Mindfuck day

"तेरा गाँव कौन सा छे भाया?"
"अलवर...तू राजस्थानी छे?"
"हाँ भाया मेरा गाँव जौत्वादा छे"

Intended Plan for Wednesday:

1. Get Bike from Gurgaon
2. Get it repaired
3. Come home.
4. leave for Amritsar.

Actual Plan:

1. Reach Dhaula Kuan.
2. Wait for bus.
3. Meet uncle who talks about how life is not worth living, and how young guys are chutiya.
4. reach gurgaon.
5. meet shivang, get keys of bike, talk about an animation short idea.
6. get mechanic, tries to remove broken handle lock.
7. handle lock stuck, helmet lost.
9. mechanic works on it for 3 hours, removes handle lock, temp-fix of gear lever also done.
9A. realise that Amritsar can't be done now.
10. call old friend for helmet.
11. helmet arrives while i reach the mall, gear breaks in the way, stuck in 3rd gear, max speed 40 kms/hr.
12. i hang out with old friends.
13. take bike out from mall parking at 12 am.
14. realise that bike is stuck in 1st gear, max speed 10 km/hr, will take 4 hours to reach home.
15. call another Love Sexsena, park motorcyle at his home.
16. Ask a Call centre cab for lift to pitampura.

interesting part starts here

17. Call centre cabbie asks me if i can drive, he's feeling sleepy.
18. i start driving
19. i am happy.
19A. i ask his native place, he's a rajasthani, my roots are from there, i start talking in rajasthani.
20. I ask him if he can drop me home, i'll drive till there.
21. he confirms his pick up point, he has to pick this person at 5 am, right now its 2.
22. We wake up his pick up by calling him anyway to confirm the address.
23. Cabbie tells me that the worst drivers on the road are cab drivers, they are mostly drunk and underslept, doesn't realise that he's a cabbie too...
24. he drops me home.
25. i say bye bye.
26. i am happy.


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