Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Books i just finished


We as a people are starved for different, out of the ordinary brilliant work, that whenever something which is actually different comes across we just give it such awesome response that the given creator becomes arrogant.

also sometimes some idiots who are not that good become benificiaries of this fact.

anyways, important day tomorrow, as i start inking.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spoken Word : A Snobbish Fart

Lot of conversation happens around in the world, without the spoken word, people understand, people respond, people complain, people scream.

without the spoken word.
(but i prefer the spoken word!)


anyone can come up with ideas, nothing to be proud of, its delievery and excution is important, without any compromises.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fucking Horror Movie Maker Bastards...

These horror movie makers always have this one character who is very funny and in the start only the BHOOT takes this funny-guy's case...

now i believe that's how these horror movie losers take their revenge on the funny guys, because look at it..

say if there are three guys, one serious-philosophy type writer, one comedy writer and a chutiya horror writer, who do you think will score with chicks?

so basically that character in their movies is an end result of years of anger and frustration....(wait till i have a chutiya horror writer in one of my fun STORY...which will be entirely opposite of a horror-group-of-people-driving-through-ghost-ridden-area.)





Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Constant Depression

No matter what i do, this constant state of depression doesn't move away.

living with parents, i miss the whole point of having a life for yourself, i can move anyday i want...but its me again i guess....i am really afraid that i might go really mad if i move out alone.....

i have a friend who's also planning to move out...right now i am looking for an apartment, a place which i don't have to shift again, because i just don't want to a place to bed, and eat, i need a place which can be a studio, a place where sunlight comes in, where i can work.

at work, i feel that i am deteriorating, i miss deadlines, more than working there, i feel like i hang around, its not about losing the love for humor or comics, that just increases by the day, its just strange, when i stayed stiff on work i had these regular fights...and then i started loosening up...and i have loosened pretty far, which i think i should take care of...

i have been this loose-careless freak, but never with work....have to tighten up, or i guess have to remove things from my plate which i don't like.

and with personal life, well personal life is DUD, i have limited friends in delhi, i don't like the relative functions, and well i would love my family, like i used to, once i am away from them.

anyways there's not much to do, i attend these open mic, but nothing else happens here, as in anything creative has to be just plays, bharatnatyam, classical music and ghazals....anything else, even if it happens needs close monitoring to find out...

anyways, i am really getting bored here, specially how even one day can't pass without anyone commenting on how the system is wrong, hamare desh mein to kuch nahi hota, bla that just is like icing on my umpteen layer cake of irritation.

i have blurted out all this, but i don't what impression it gives to the reader...but atleast i am not re-reading and editing it....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Moti aurton ke patla hone ke liye

Bhenchod...matlab really...bhenchod!!!

what direct form of advertisement...matlab saalon kuch to sharam karo...

matlab the ad is speaking to 35 year fat women, who know that their asses looks like the pahadi area near nagpur....matlab fuckin on the face...

check it works for the T.G but still yaar...

male bonding

When i was at college (Deptt. of Computer Science and Engg., Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar) HOD's room was always filled with all the male teachers, all the male teachers chatting and discussing things in their vela time.

i found that irritating

because there were lady teachers who were senior than some of the male teachers in that group, but they never could go in that group and discuss things.....sometimes i have seen them express that anger somewhere else...
(i made fun of their male bonding, by drawing this cartoon where they were holding each other's dicks... )

and now i find myself part of the same thing, it happens many times in my office, that i find myself with the business owner and some other male colleagues chatting in his cabin....they also might not have realised it ...but i know that the girls in our office might feel it, especially given the fact that we are a small unit.

so from now on no male bonding at workplace....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Naseeruddin Shah Interview

Check out his sublime anger when he talks about awards and slumdog Millionaire...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Freaks Freakonomics has produced..

Freakonomics is a good book.
it opens up your point of view to analyse things and patterns you never noticed.


it has also inspired some good for nothing chuchus to find patterns in nothing, as in these guys are so inspired from freakonomics that they look for patterns in things, they find absurd reasons for incidents...and then they feel great when they let everbody else know what they have found out.

and after delievering their well thought out reasoning these idiots give you that look...the look of waiting for applause, for appreciation...

मर जाओ सालों...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Clarity for the Bastard

The Story :

I had been working with Random Magazine as a freelance writer/illustrator since its start, before they produced Dare 2 Date through Random TV.
I went on Dare 2 Date two months after i had joined them full time, i did it for them, also to cut one thing off my bucket list.

You Assumed :

That i went on Dare 2 Date like a loser, and then using it as my big thing, found job in the same company.

Anyways i feel like shit writing an explaination, that too for some chutiya...this goes out to the anonymous chutiya, please yourself.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

medicated life, an intense blog by a depressed animator, this man basically directs his anger and frustration there...