Tuesday, February 09, 2010


There are two kinds of solutions to every problem regarding systems that affect the masses.

The CAPITALIST way and the LEFTIST way:

Scenario : Cab Service

Description: Delhi and mumbai, both are big cities, both need dependable transport systems, now mumbai till now had a brilliant cabbie system, where the fare was reasonable and service was frequent, all due to a decent Union, which kept sabka interest in mind.

whereas in delhi, there was no such system, but then arrived the Radio cabs, they are costlier than a mumbai cab, but you can schedule your taxi, the car's far better, the company spends money on promoting themselves, they look for corporate accounts and take far more pain than a union would do.

the backend system is the same, the taxi belongs to the company and the driver has to give a minimum amount each day, everything above that is his own money...mumbai cabs also have the same thing going, there are big cab owners who own lots of cabs and rent them out.

i feel that the capitalist approach is better, until it keeps the taxi driver in mind.



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