Friday, February 26, 2010

People from work...

Cover For My Entry to Maya Kamath Memorial Award For Excellence in Cartooning

This is basically the cover for my entry, they allow six pieces of artwork, so i'll have three pieces of solid work accompanying this.

In this comic i just elaborate the fact that how stupid is their best political cartoon title when the award itself is called EXCELLENCE in cartooning.

Secret : End mein i've put in some senti dialogues which will make them give me the award, and then make me the president of their institue.

but they really need to do something more, right now they just do this competition each year, and galleries of cartoons, and if they already do it, they need to make sure that it reaches the right people.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

pacman syndrome (Extra Life by )

09/16/2001 - killer cartoonist!

The Problem With Santa’s Naughty List
Shark Attack!Drunk Tales

I know these bastards...CLOCLBLOCKULA!

Even worse than Twilight
By the way, i don't have a place of my own right now.

loldwell dot com

Advice on Growing Beards

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Flying Bawa!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Killer movie, one of those movies which you watch all the way till the end, without speaking a single word.

The Khan Protectors

Monday, February 15, 2010


Bhenchod, seriously bhenchod.

fuck this serious looking font.

Phew....(This fon't not that funny, but at least its different...)

Seriously, maa ki aankh...

Everything around me is too politically correct, maa ki aankh dimmag ki aisi ki taisi ho jaati hai.


According to the TV Broadcaster's guidelines you can't show people smoking, drinking etc. etc.

plus aap religion ka mazaak nahi udaa saktey.

aap politicians ka mazaak nahi udaa saktey.

aap particular logon ka mazaak nahi udaa saktey.

and daru, sutta karte huey log to aap dikha hi nahi sakte.


By God main apni Nassein (nerves) kaat lunga agar aur political correctness jhelni padi.



Sunday, February 14, 2010

Maadar#$# Humor...

Some Scenes from movies, these are the parts which i find totally killer...the kind of nonsense humor which describes me!!!....

My Eye On You (Cloudy with a chance of meatballs)
A killer Kaala policewallah, the character is as typical a kaala as robert downey jr.'s kaala from Tropic Thunder...the best part is how he puts his point of his eye-on-him across..

 Thappad Scene (Padosan)

Open this and go to 6:30 on the timeline, where sunil dutt has decided that he will slap saira bano, wo literally thappad lekar uske peechey peechey chalta hai, as in apna ek haath (congress ke icon) ki tarah lekar uskey peechey chalta hai..(ooo beta now i know...he was a follower of congress from that time..its a clue he has left in the movie...saala da vinci code ki maa ki ankh...)

Red is still alive (Pineapple Express)

There's a guy in the movie, Red and he has been shot 3 times, and after many days that kamina is still alive (the killer part is him in the bathroom, with a music suystem and food, just pause the scene there and note the setting ...)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The most hilarious comic script I've read!

From :

I have been a comic lover since the time I can remember (Just like every other person I guess). It started with Disney comics followed by Diamond comics – Chacha chaudhary, Billoo, etc.. When I was a kid, the whole train journey of two days was spent just by reading comics – Phantom and Tinkle. I have read plenty of funny ones but there is one particular story which is easily the most hilarious one I’ve ever read. And the best thing is it doesn’t try to be funny. It is actually a bit serious. It is about how ‘Nagraj’ saves Earth from a wicked magician ‘Shakoora’.

Before heading towards the story, let me introduce the character ‘Nagraj’ if you haven’t heard of him. The superhero’s real name is ‘Raj’ and is based in India. The name ‘Nagraj’ means ‘King of Snakes’. His body contains millions of snakes which he can release whenever he wants to (a bit like spidey and his web) and can make them perform various tasks. He has the ability to transform into a snake. He can use snakes as lasso, disarm enemies by releasing snakes and can make snake-ropes and swing. He can hypnotise, release poisonous breath and his bite is lethal. Oh yes, he can also turn invisible by changing his skin colour.

The story starts with the magician Shakoora being punished in his Planet for causing trouble to their inhabitants. But Shakoora makes a protective cover over himself and escapes from his planet.

PhotobucketIn the earth, Superman MURDERS a villain. I like this ‘uff’. It is typically Indian. Nice to see a villain using it when in trouble.

Self explanatory. I like the ‘threw him away with his puff’ thing :)

Superman defeated. 'Puff' goes ‘Uff’.

Wow. Superman promotes Nagraj to the league of Batman and Spidey.

Batman introduces himself as ‘Bruce Wayne alias Batman’. Nice. That makes things less complicated.

But Batman goes ‘Uff’ too and is defeated.

Spiderman is diffusing a bomb on Eiffel Tower.

But he too is captured.

In India, Nagraj and Visarpi are enjoying the circus and complaining about minor things.

Shakoora takes control of an Elephant and attacks Nagraj.

Nagraj was saved by the elephant trainer. Nagraj gives an excuse.

Shakoora utters the best dialogue ever written in the history of comics.

Nagraj spots the three superheroes unconscious and useless.

Nagraj grabs the circus train to save the superheroes. He is willing to sacrifice himself. But Superman goes “Dear Nagraj… “. So touching.

Nagraj goes “uff” and Shakoora is on great form with his dialogues. What will Nagraj do?

Now comes the most ridiculous twist. Divine Intervention.

Look at the way Batman wakes up. Oh yeah! Spidey gets busy diffusing his bomb with an “Uff”.

Superheroes giggle. Priceless.

They have dinner together. At Le Meridien. With their costumes. I wonder how Spidey ate.

Bye Bye time!

The Mulicks

The Mulicks live in bombay and they have given a lot to Art

Pratap Mulick (father) - Pratap Mulick is a Legendary Comic Artist, he did lot of work for Raj Comics and Amar Chitra Katha, including the classic covers for the Initial run of nagraj, each of which was set in a different country.

the best thing about him was the fact that his drawing was not always super right, or too realistic, but the fact that he had a unique style, something which was his own....

Milind Mulick (Son) - Milind Mulick is a intense water color artist, i don't follow artists outside the comics domain, so i don't know much about him, he's killer, really killer.

The Triangular Comic

made at Mocha Bar, 11:30 PM

Thakur Ka Beta!


There are two kinds of solutions to every problem regarding systems that affect the masses.

The CAPITALIST way and the LEFTIST way:

Scenario : Cab Service

Description: Delhi and mumbai, both are big cities, both need dependable transport systems, now mumbai till now had a brilliant cabbie system, where the fare was reasonable and service was frequent, all due to a decent Union, which kept sabka interest in mind.

whereas in delhi, there was no such system, but then arrived the Radio cabs, they are costlier than a mumbai cab, but you can schedule your taxi, the car's far better, the company spends money on promoting themselves, they look for corporate accounts and take far more pain than a union would do.

the backend system is the same, the taxi belongs to the company and the driver has to give a minimum amount each day, everything above that is his own money...mumbai cabs also have the same thing going, there are big cab owners who own lots of cabs and rent them out.

i feel that the capitalist approach is better, until it keeps the taxi driver in mind.


Friday, February 05, 2010

Jugal Hansraj Ko Chance ke baad chance...


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Unstable ya Being Creative

Slowly i am getting more restless, even with small small things, i can see this mind wanders like crazy, i've felt exactly like this before, that was during the first few months of college...

i hope it settles soon, but i really don't want to settle down like everyone else, as in i don't want to settle down as a compromising asshole, jo mujhe apne aas paas thousands ki tadaad mein dikhte hain...

i really don't know whats up with most of us, all of us have to become an accha aadmi after a period of time, as in daily shave karne waala, side partition wala, who get married and have kids and spends the rest of the life worrying about loans, relatives and other bullshit...

i really have no intention of becoming a shareef aadmi, i really want to keep things simple and minimised on the personal front so that i can do super creative things on a professional front.

but i am really terrified that this whole hava paani around me might change me into a sharmaji.

my mind is fucking tearing itself up.....i can have no peace.....

"यूं ही गुज़रे है ज़िन्दगी, जीते हैं कोई कोई ..." - Rona Chod Diya by Zeb and Haniya