Tuesday, November 03, 2009

DAMNED : The Asshole called zamid hamid

He's an ass who calls himself a defence ananlyst...everyone makes fun of him....nobody in India knows him, even we (Adhiraj and me) found out when we were researching on one scene we show him being slapped and kicked out of his car!

Zaid Hamid

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid is a self-styled Pakistani security consultant and defence analyst.[1][2]

Zaid Hamid vows to make India "Pakistan", says Pak to send more Mujahideens

Breaking News! Zaid Hamid, Pakistan's defence analyst and the most hated person in India aftermath Mumbai terror attacks because of his hatred campaign against India and Indian forces, was grilled by Indian Army officer Bharat Verma. The program was broadcasted on ExpressNews TV.

Bharat Verma took Zaid Hamid on, saying India had to divide Pakistan by liberating Bangladesh, as Pakistani forces raped more than 90,000 women in East Pakistan (which is Bangladesh now). That forced Zaid Hamid to threaten that Pakistan will do more Kargils and send more Mujahideens to India.

Verma looked calm and composed, but Zaid Hamid lost his cool and uttered what went against the policies of his government. Verma was at his oratory best and forced Hamid to confess whatPakistan has been doing for long. It exposed Pakistan before the world. The program was stopped midway by the Pakistani government and ExpressNews TV distanced itself from the comments made by Zaid Hamid by running a news ticker.

Click on the following links to wach that debate:

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

In another video, Zaid Hamid crossed all limits in a program on NewsOne TV and said there is just one solution to resolve the crisis - "MakeIndia one nation and give it a name Pakistan. Make it a Muslim country. When there will be the voice of Radio Pakistan there, everything will be sorted out". Watch this video here..


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