Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Uonline : What we are working on

we started uonline with the central idea of providing good web design services, at nice costs, and we worked on and off for two years from college, and finally full on since last six months. (with me and shashank still working on parallel activities )

in the last six months we found out these things about web design's current scenario in india :

1. Industry Standards : There are a zillion guys working in this domain, and with no set standards (by standards i mean that there are no classification or grading of companies, or no government watchdog in this industry) getting the price you ask for is difficult, because there is a cheaper guy ready to ruin your client.,

the spectrum varies from top notch companies like this to shit makers/confusing providers like this...
(web design is an amalgamate of creative and professional industry..and plus this industry standard thing creates trouble when a client asks you to deliever prices at par with the industry!)

2. The Consumer is confused : If you are someone who wants to get his/her website made then you most probably will start by looking up what websites are, then you even go as far as learning details about hosting, domains....finally you get confused, and by focussing more on the lose the idea of what you wanted in the first place....

its sad that even when there are zillion web design companies, no one takes pain in educating their customers, sad but true....that is one place where we really want to stand out...(notice : want to..)

3. Pay for the company : no one service provider is focussing one leasing his employee, basically you pay for the copmpany rather than paying for the number of employees who are working on your project, and to be true this number varies a lot....your only point of satisfaction is that a company is working on your project, also if there are small small things you want to are caught...

this is again where we plan to be different.
(notice : Plan to be)


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