Sunday, October 04, 2009

Performing Stand Up tomorrow!...(i feel so self obsessed!)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

LOL NITE @ FEZ on OCTOBER 4 730 onwards

Saturday, October 3, 2009 0


Raghav Mandava started out with working in a sports chanel, he eventually found himself to be a writer (mostly for football) and is also a full time a flair-bartender. He always had a taste for stand up comics amongst which his favorite are Jeff Dunham, Mitch Hedberg and Jerry Sienfeld. Today he is also a stand up comic, and hopes to tickle a funny bone or two (without the doctors hammer of-course)

Sumit is an illustrator and a creative, also a failed enterprenuer, but you can excuse him for that (he's 21) ... he's the Assistant Editor of Random Magazine (uhm uhm ...)......he can be found working on a new idea, everyday..."

Sanjay makes you laugh, muse, ponder, agree,laugh, disagree,laugh, identify... and then of course laugh some more.
'Jat in Mood'

Who am I?
I am Speakeezee ….. a.k.a. Devika Singh Chauhan.
I’m a lawyer, a singer, an orator, a comic, a dreamer, a scribe, a poet, a dog lover, an actress, an activist, a gastronomist, a chef, a dancer, an optimist, a realist, a bookworm, an explorer, a designer, a palmist, a tarot reader, a swimmer, a fighter, a pacifist, a believer, a rationalist, a loyalist, a nomad....a bundle of contradictions; I am a life well lived....

What’s my inspiration?

We all wish to leave this world leaving behind something penultimate, timeless, noteworthy… to reach the end of the road thinking "God, I have done all that I could do, lived all that I could live. I'd like to walk the wild side now; with you." To me that’s a life well lived, a life I would like to live, till the day turns & the moon drops off the edge of the world. I'll do this forever, coz God put me on earth to do a certain number of things; right now, I'm so far back…I will never die!


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