Monday, September 07, 2009

Off today!


Will be at a friend's place today, but tried to do this tuesday page in advance, but my idiotic system goes boop at the perfect moment!!!


so instead i'll post some sketches from some days back
(i am new talking to my "fans" , and uder fans come some of my friends who i forcefully push to check my blog, and me(that too from different ip addresses!))


"my english is terrible"

1.The ever pleasant Gulzar saab ...eating his chashma away....(don't know him personally though, just a recollect of his eating his glasses habit...)

2. Anant Singh, works at Twenty Onwards Media...Anant is an IIT guy, who said "enough" and moved out, is a good writer...but not that good at humor, good at serious stuff though, and amazing at contemprory issues....this cartoon was made during a meeting...(;))

3. The Owner of Twenty Onwards Media, Jatin Varma, this guy's smart, but wrong at places too, like all young guys are, but overall a decent enterprenuer, who wants to check the outer bounds...this cartoon was made during a meeting...(;))

4. Akul Narula the "guy who has no post"...he's the sound guy, and everything else guy....i guess he likes what he does, don't know him any better...
this cartoon was made during a meeting...(;))

5. Girl who was lost in the train, thinking about stuff (which basically is a complex version of nothing!) NDLS ASR express, Aug 2009

6. Rough Sketches, Sunday at Cafe Coffee Day..or how our people call it ...CCD!

A fat guy, who looked too big compared to the girl he was with.

u know a cute girl when u see one..hey hey hey(prem chopra laugh)

this guy had no neck...he was exactly this...this image is not a cartoon...

The old lady who hangs out at CCD on sundays...

the guy who's lost in his studies...(until his newly - met girlfriend arrives...)

CHOW...will be back with new panel on wednesday...


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