Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Radical Change in TV Programming

Although i have just started on my career in media, but still there are things which i am able to see so clearly, some TV channels are going killer, way killer...


SAB Tv has changed its programming for quite some time now, this is killer because they are interesting because they have not only changed but reestablished themselves as a humor TV channel, if i sum up their vision then i guess it would be

" to position SAB TV as a brand which provides humor and fun shows watchable by family"

moreover you can check their website, and u'll see there's lot more content out there, as in the website is a complete entity in itself.

i feel that they will do more to expand their humor base, they are also syndicating from the exisitng humor content makers, such as they source cartoons from, this shows that they are not bent on doing everything themselves...


Set max looks like a master of repositioning, this is one channel Setindia guys use like a bitch, and even then the whenever u remind someone about SET MAX they'll say that it is a movie channel for them, funny though that this is the same channel where cricket matches are shown.

they have changed the channel a lot since FILMY the TV channel came along, that must've hampered the viewing share for SET MAX.

All in all SETINDIA is reinventing themselves like hell, they have comeup with new shows at SONY and they look like trageting the market audience BALIKA VADHU is not catering to.

Colors may have the TRPs but they don't have the far sightedness.

Star Movies

Star Network is changing everything throughout their network radically, star movies and star world has changed their design etc.
programming for Star world is almost the same but for Star Movies it has changed a lot, the movie they show now are, well in some ways chosen very differently, as in HBO looks like a Sharukh Khan and Star Movies is looking like a different kinda Amir Khan...


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