Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I am Robinson Crusoe

Since long i have been troubled about my plan of action ahead, what to do with my life, in one place i see a beautiful creative career, an amazing startup to follow and then the ever lasting to do something about education.

and well an answer just came.

was watching the movie Robinson Crusoe on Star Movies, with pierce bronson in the lead.

if you've not read the story , well it is of a sailor called robinson crusoe whose ship gets wrecked and he's left on an island.

he lives there for one night and when he wakes up other day he sees that the ruins of his ship which has washed ashore.

he goes inside the wrecked ship and finds ration, guns, gunpowder, a carpenter's chest.

and then the best scene comes...

robinson is shown building his hut, standing a small wooden log where he keeps dates, plant trees, lear carpentary, while he says..

"i had my doubts, but i would'nt waste my time on the island, i promised my self thus"


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