Friday, June 27, 2008

shitheads..and the smart twins!

first things first
why are people so stupid
harman baweja
the guy is a cheaper hrithik roshan for directors who can't afford hrithik roshan..

his dad ..the fool actually spent 50 crores on him
zyada the mujhe de deta...and he quotes the movie's spessal effects as the USP.
even the bajaj tubelight ad "bijli ke bill mein katauti" had better effects then that.

and there are smart ones
all the people who made money by working on the movie...speacially priyanka chopra!

and as i speak of it there's another tacky movie on the release..govinda[flesh bag] starrer "money hai toh honey hai"

paise zyada hai to mujhe do na yaar...


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